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  • You know you need a hoist for your daily business operations, but how to choose the right one for the task at hand? You’ll need one that works for the loads it's hauling and for your crew. Here’s our brief guide to help you decide.
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  • Your business uses cranes every day to get jobs done, but it can’t be forgotten that cranes of all types are complex machinery with sophisticated controls. This has changed over time, affording today’s crane owners and operators the chance to glean valuable information that wasn’t always available in years past. Data gathered from their systems today can impact day-to-day operations tomorrow and on into the future.
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  • Each and every day, our lives and businesses rely on the constant generation of electricity to keep things moving. And while our mind might often go to the raw materials used to produce this vital energy, there are also machines and equipment that are pivotal components to the overall process. The constant grind can take its toll, though, and sooner or later you’ll need to replace or upgrade the equipment that makes your work possible. Here are some factors to consider when that time comes.
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  • At Americrane and Hoist Corp. we offer all of the commonly known types of cranes. But when you’re looking through our options and trying to decide on the best crane for your needs, it could be a hard decision to make. Here we’ll get into some details on the five types of cranes and spell out which is best for a variety of applications.
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  • Technology surrounding machines and the information we can access about machines has grown exponentially in the past decade. We can access more data than ever, and it can help crane and hoist systems run longer and more reliably. The machinery we have is more complicated than ever, and monitoring systems help us understand the capability and capacity of a crane.
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  • Unsafe construction worker without a harness working at a height on a beam
    Falls are the leading cause of fatalities on construction sites. Protect yourself, your business, and your workers by knowing when and how to wear fall protection. Plan ahead to work safely, efficiently, and meet OSHA requirements.
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  • Thick wire rope made up of multiple strands.
    How often should you inspect crane's wire ropes, and how should the inspection be done? Knowing a wire rope's lifespan is critical for the safety of you and your team. Learn about the necessary inspections and telltale signs it's time to replace it.
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  • Construction Worker Communicating With Crane Operator Using Nonverbal Hand Signals in a Noisy Environment
    Picture it: an operator has a heavy, awkward load suspended in midair – how can they follow the team’s instructions? Crane hand signals, that’s how. This technique is an old one, but it’s highly effective and free to use. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a standard method of signaling that can be used across jobsites. Check out these common signals and what they mean.
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  • Mechanical hoists for purchase at Americrane & Hoist Co
    Mechanical hoists are simple, useful tools for lifting and moving heavy loads. Hoists can move loads up or down, though supplementary tools allow movement of loads horizontally. Hoists are defined by multiple properties, including the lifting medium, the hoist’s power source, the suspension method, and the hoist’s lifting capacity. It is important to use the right hoist for the job. Before renting or purchasing a hoist, there are four factors to consider.
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  • Overhead Crane and Hoist Inspections by Americrane and Hoist Corp
    Sometimes you’ve just got to come out and say it: the LAST thing you want to fail is your hoist. Your hoist makes it possible for you to move thousands of pounds of materials and equipment. You trust your hoist to keep you and your crew safe. That means you’ve got to take care of your hoist so your hoist can take care of you. AMC Hoists has a preventive maintenance program which allows you to ensure that that all-important task is taken care of while you continue to run your business.
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  • What’s the Difference Between Passive & Active Fall Protection? | Americrane & Hoist Corp.
    Learn to identify the differences between passive and active fall protection and know how to determine which system best addresses the fall hazards in your work environment.
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  • Four Types of Active Fall Protection Equipment and OSHA Standards
    It is vital that employers provide their employees with active fall protection equipment and teach them to use it properly. We’ll discuss four types of fall protection and OSHA safety standards they must meet.
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  • Little Mule Logo
    Little Mule will be increasing their prices on March 4th!
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  • Inventor of the Chain Hoist | Americrane & Hoist Corp.
    If necessity is the mother of invention, then ingenuity is the father. Both virtues are present in Fred R. Coffing, the inventor of the chain hoist that has helped farmers carry loads and factories move important inventory safely and efficiently.
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  • Crane vs. Hoist : What's the difference?
    Crane vs Hoist, What's the Difference? Learn more in this informative blog complete with a video explanation.
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