The Power of Crane Monitoring Technology

Technology surrounding machines and the information we can access about machines has grown exponentially in the past decade. We can access more data than ever, and it can help crane and hoist systems run longer and more reliably. The machinery we have is more complicated than ever, and monitoring systems help us understand the capability and capacity of a crane. 

Long-term Monitoring

Monitoring systems provide long-term data which can be analyzed for trends. Such software can provide usage information and help users determine how to best use the machine. This includes safety information, material wear, and usage behavior. This can help users to plan for maintenance more efficiently and more safely. 


Monitoring systems also provide diagnostics, which gives the user quick solutions and information to help solve problems. This data can also help identify long-term trends, like what might tend to precede a malfunction. Seeing this information can help prevent system failures and unnecessary maintenance.


The efficiency of a piece of machinery can be maximized by monitoring software because of the real-time information available. Members of a team can work more flexibly with such information, rather than relying on rigid processes which worked in the past. The instantaneous nature of communication in this type of software creates more efficiency in workflow and therefore more efficient projects. Processes can also be recorded and evaluated later for adjustment. 

Systems to monitor cranes and hoists add value to a worksite. But they need to work with high quality equipment. For help with all your hoist and crane needs, get in touch with Americrane & Hoist Company.

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